This is our final post in our series on 4 DISC traits every manager should know. Today, we'll take a look at the High C. If you have a High D, High I or High S on your team, don't miss our previous posts where we looked at the common characteristics of each one. For those who are highest in the Conscientiousness dimension, behavior looks like this... High C High C's value precision and order. They do not like fast-paced pressure. If you rush them, they are likely to respond with an even slower pace due to uncertainty and confusion. Instead of turning up the heat to secure results, take the time to make sure their questions are answered. They probably have a lot of them! Simply wrapping up the assignment with, "If this takes you longer than ___ minutes, you have misunderstood the assignment and you have questions for me. Okay?" This gives the high C a measure by which they can tell if they are on target or not. This is what is meant by the "Proof" strategy. They will move forward, typically with excellent results, when their questions have been answered and they know what is expected. Motivate them with the facts and details they crave. C's pair most effectively with D's, as long as the D understands how to properly motivate the C. Though high C's are often the quiet and reserved team members, an uninformed manager who attempts to power through and force results may find himself baffled at the lack of progress he is able to inspire. Do you have a team member who is a high C? What have you found that has helped you in motivating them and pairing them with others in light of their High C traits? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.