Hiring Decisions

Top candidates are on and off the job market within 10 days, according to Officevibe. Based on the average time most organizations take to hire, that applicant who caught your eye was happily settled in his new position 24 days before you made an offer!

The pressure to make a quick hire in today’s workforce can drive organizations to react in ways that cause significant problems further down the line–skipping steps, jumping to conclusions, rushing to make an offer, and hoping for the best. Take heart. Hold still. Breathe.

To help you run a thorough and efficient hiring process and make hiring decisions, check out the following infographic from Recruiterbox. This visual guide highlights the key steps for a strong hiring process with a few important statistics you are risking should you decide to succumb to the pressure of taking those fast but potentially costly hiring shortcuts. Pairing nicely with 10 Simple Steps to Strengthen Your Hiring Process, we hope this proves to be a great source to keep everyone focused each time you hire.

Hiring Decisions Infographic