Most people know they have to acquire the appropriate level of education, training or experience to land a particular job, but how many think about how natural personality traits impact the type of work you thrive in? Understanding and applying self-awareness can boost your productivity by 500 percent.

Make Better Career Decisions

When you know yourself, you can choose career paths, assignments, teams and environments that play to your strengths. This understanding goes hand in hand with the fact that once you know your weaknesses, you can work on them. For example: I know that I excel in an environment that is change-oriented and built around positive, collaborative teams. I’ve made sure these qualities exist in the places where I’ve worked, which has improved my job performance and how much I’ve liked where I work.

Know Your Worth

Learn what your traits are and how to talk about them. Specifically, learn how your traits add value to your company and your team. If you have a trait that is not beneficial to the organization, find out how you can work on that particular character trait. For example: Look at your MAP to pull out key phrases that highlight your superpowers. Words like “selling ideas,” “organizing,” “creating stability,” etc., are all words you can use when describing yourself in a resume, an interview or even to your current boss.

Work Smarter

Very few of us work alone, so understanding how you can team with other people is invaluable:
  • Recognize opportunities to team up with people who are strong where you are weak
  • Minimize potential areas of conflict with those who naturally frustrate or confuse you.

Find Happiness at Work

Armed with better understanding of yourself and your ideal work, environment and team, you have set yourself up for the best opportunity to find happiness at work. This way, you can be successful when challenges and opportunities arise in the future.

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