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Information Is Power


“The MAP™ has given us a deeper understanding of a person’s wiring and tendencies, which has helped us know where to put them in the company.

Information is power. The more insights you have on an individual, a team and hiring candidates, the more you are able to help them be successful, and in turn, help your company be successful. People are happiest when they are doing what they enjoy.”

- Randy M.

Better Team Building


“I absolutely love the product. I did the MAP on all of our senior managers so we could learn each other’s skill sets and weaknesses and learn to work together. This actually dove into what people were really good at and it helped me figure out which “seat on the bus” they fit in. It has made the company a lot more profitable and we are growing and working . Since we have done the maps, we know what our weaknesses are and where we need to train.

And the The MAP has helped me in writing job descriptions that are no longer generic, but geared to an individual’s strengths. I’m also able to identify the natural leaders out of it and promote them. I would absolutely recommend these assessments to others because it’s a great tool for a company to be efficient, to grow and to get people in the right seats.”

- Pamela M.

Improving Communication


“These tools have helped in the recruitment process, making sure that the resume of our candidate matches who they really are and the way that they’re wired. It has also enabled communication within the company to flow much better by utilizing our MAP results. I was skeptical of these assessments when I first took the test, having been a top biller in the media and being able to manipulate tests like this to give the answers people are looking for.

After doing it myself, I was amazed at the accuracy, but I was still concerned people could manipulate it. When you take into account everything that goes into it, it’s amazing how Talent Insights can warn you of those people. I can’t see a company not utilizing this.

- Tim H.

Value and Visibility


“Before Talent Insights, we were unable to find any one assessment that gave us the visibility into the real talents and wiring of the candidates that we were able to get with the MAP. These assessments help you see what’s really there and give much more visibility into their real talents and wiring. We haven’t been able to find any other assessment tool that accomplishes that.  What we get from Talent Insights is not exhaustive information about a candidate or a team, but we do get additional information that is more than we’ve been able to get any other way, which is really valuable in understanding the contributions someone can make to the organization. So the question we ask ourselves is, What is that worth to have this quantity and quality of information about these candidates? We don’t know the answer to that, but we know it’s a lot more than what they’re charging. To us, the value to the organization way exceeds the cost of the assessments.”

- Jim A.

Promoting the Right People


“The workload started increasing on my team and we soon were in dire need of a new PPC analyst. Since my company had a MAP done,  Talent Insights was able to look at all of our employees and come back with suggestions of who to test out as an analyst.  Without the maps, we would not have been able to identify employees that would be a good fit and act quickly. We were able find the perfect employee to transfer to this position in a matter of only 2 days!  This has been extremely beneficial to my team, and I highly recommend the MAP to anyone who wants to hire an employee or even reallocate employees to positions that better suit their strengths.”

- Lance U.

A Big Eye-Opener


“Learning how we can motivate and manage new team members with their personality, strengths, and tendencies is very important to Premier Business Centers. The MAP is a really big eye-opener for us. We have never had this type of opportunity before because we have never had a tool that helps us to really understand the people that we’re bringing into our company.

Before using the Talent Insights Mapping process, our hiring and management decisions were more of a trial and error situation– hire them, train them in a standard format, lead them as best we could as we tried to learn about them as unique individuals, and hope for the best. But the MAP helps us to connect with our team members and quickly understand how they tick. That’s really helpful for us.”

- Sandra M.

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