Talent Insights API

Easily Embed a Personality Test Into Your Website or App

Deliver personality results to your users in a seamless, effective way by integrating our personality assessment into your system.

You don't have to take users to a different platform or website to take the personality assessment and retrieve, analyze, and display the results. Simply add the assessment widget to your own website or application with two lines of code, then retrieve assessment results with easy-to-use API calls (API endpoints).

Choose the API that fits your needs:

Personality Profile

Available Now

The personality profile uses the TypeFinder, which is based on the 16 personality types of the Jung-Myers Theory, to provide a quick and accurate measurement of personality preferences.

See how personality drives work style, motivation, and people interactions.

Motivators Profile

Coming Soon

The Motivators profile uses Holland Code to measure interest level in six work areas.

Understand which jobs, roles, and assignments will suit a person's interests, talents, and aptitude.

Behavior Profile

Coming Soon

The behavior profile uses the DISC Behavior Inventory to measure how a person tends to act in the workplace or other group settings.

See how behavior patterns influence communication, work style, and more.

3-in-1 MAP Profile Suite

Coming Soon

A combination of all 3 profiles blended together to show how candidates and employees behave, how to motivate them, and how to effectively leverage their unique personalities in the workplace, classroom, or other group settings. This is the tool we’ve used to build an award-winning company culture.

The Big Five Personality Test

Coming Soon

Take advantage of what many consider to be the most complete personality assessment available. This test forms the basis of most contemporary personality research. It evaluates people on the five primary dimensions of personality: Openness, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extraversion, and Neuroticism. The assessment is ideal for professional research or hiring.

Who Should Use a Personality API?

Integrating a personality API into your app, system or website creates a better user experience on a variety of platforms. Here are just a few of the fields that can benefit from the Talent Insights API:

Human Resources

Combine our assessment with your HRIS software. You can hire and manage better when you understand your employees’ strengths and aptitudes.

University Research

Integrate a personality API into your research to gather better data about your participants and get more accurate results.


Teach in a way that plays to your students’ strengths so they can learn faster and you can have a less stressful teaching experience. Enhance your curriculum with personality testing.

Social Apps & Websites

Use a personality API to enhance your dating app, quiz app, or social network.

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