How Qualbe Marketing Group Uses the MAP™ to Put the Right People in the Right Job Fit

How Qualbe Marketing Group Uses the MAP™ and Team MAP™ to Put the Right People in the Right Job Fit

Qualbe Marketing Group was founded in 1998 by current CEO Randall Meinen. The company was originally named Quality Benefits, Inc. It was formed as a way to offer dental, vision and pharmaceutical discount plans under the brand 1Dental, through its partnership with Careington International.

While still maintaining the 1Dental brand and product to this day, Qualbe has since grown into a digital marketing company that offers its digital marketing and technology services to clients on a fee-for-service basis.

With Qualbe Marketing Group’s rapid growth, finding a product to help in their hiring and management process has been vital to the success of the company as a whole.

    You may have a great employee doing a poor job because they’re not in the right spot. You may have a great employee but manage them wrong, which is harmful to them and the organization. The MAP from Talent Insights has helped us on both fronts.

–Larry DeBoever, COO of Qualbe Marketing Group   ”


One such way Qualbe has seen success with the MAP has been through hiring.

At the company’s inception, employees were hired using traditional interviewing processes – reviewing resumés, talking to references, conducting in-person interviews, calling candidates for follow-ups and eventually hiring. The difficulty many companies, including Qualbe at its start, find with such hiring methods is knowing with any amount of certainty that they are putting the right person in the right position.

The Wrong Hire Using Traditional Interview Processes

The last scenario any company wants to face is hiring the wrong person who then needs to be let go – particularly if that person is a great employee but wasn’t put in the right place.

    We hired one guy who was brilliant but he just wasn’t in the right spot, and the sad part was that we didn’t have that right spot for him. He was frustrated in his job; we were frustrated. In the end, we had to let him go. Fortunately, within a week he found a job that was the perfect fit for him. It could have saved us, and him, a lot of trouble if we had had the MAP.

–Larry DeBoever, COO of Qualbe Marketing Group   ”

Success Using the MAP

As Qualbe incorporated the MAP into its interviewing process, it was soon marked a success for the ways it benefited the company and the individuals hired.

One particular success story was in hiring two Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Analysts for Marketing. Neither individual knew much about PPC, much less how to be a PPC Analyst, but their MAP revealed their aptitude for the position.

The first, a Finance and Accounting major, applied to Qualbe Marketing Group directly after college. The second, a Business major, submitted his application sometime after that.

These two hires exceeded the company’s expectations in the PPC position and created some world-class tools that are being used and marketed to other companies to this day.


Companies will, at times, discover an employee who doesn’t perform well in their chosen position. Rather than firing them right away, it’s possible a better position lies waiting within the company where that particular employee may succeed.

With the help of the MAP, Qualbe has been able to correct these types of misplacements within their company by placing poorly-performing employees in better positions where they will excel.

Qualbe experienced this not two years ago with one of their employees—we’ll call him George. George was a hard worker, but he was placed in the wrong spot—in Marketing, in a very detail-oriented position. He was a very smart guy but would occasionally miss a detail, and in that department, missing what may seem like a small detail could cost the company thousands. In this case it did.

After many meetings and deciding to have George do a MAP, Qualbe found that he was just in the wrong spot and actually had an aptitude for Sales. Qualbe moved George to sales and he did a great job, which turned out to be a real win for him and the company.


The MAP has not only helped Qualbe in hiring and moving employees to the right positions, it, along with the Team MAP, has also helped in management. Understanding a team or supervisor’s wiring can help make for better team effort and collaboration.

    When my department first started using MAPs, I was a little doubtful of their helpfulness. I wasn’t sure it was worth the price and the effort to go through it all. But one thing that started to change my thinking was a ‘mini’ Team MAP between me and my new boss.  The Talent Insights Specialist compared both of our wirings and work behavior and explained how we complement each other, but also where we differ. This was so helpful to know up front what we might deal with and when we’re on the same page.

–Aaron McWilliams, Director of Marketing at Qualbe Marketing Group   ”

The MAP and Team MAP can be used in tandem, as McWilliams well knows. He has a MAP for each member on his team, as well as a Team MAP for the entire department. This allows him to see how the entire team can work together but also allows him, through the MAP, to compare wiring and work behavior between coworkers on his team – including any of his employees and their managers.

    Starting a new hire and supervisor off with an open conversation on their wiring, strengths and behavioral tendencies really sets them up for success. They know how they’ll work well together but also know what could be possible stressors. Being on the same page as we learn to navigate a working relationship is really fantastic.

–Aaron McWilliams, Director of Marketing at Qualbe Marketing Group   ”


Qualbe Marketing Group has seen firsthand the benefits of using the MAP and Team MAP for the success of a company.

    All of our decisions now start with the MAP, even with moving people to different departments. It has become our go-to, first-step tool and has really helped us with the young employees we hire who don’t yet know what is a good fit for them. You want them to be doing something they really enjoy. There is always toil in work, but it is a lot more fun when you’re in a position you like.

–Larry DeBoever, COO of Qualbe Marketing Group   ”

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