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Businesses of all sizes are growing positive, high-performing cultures through Talent Insights™

Whether you’re the corner bakery or the next Amazon, you receive access to the following features:

MAP Employee Assessment

Discover what motivates your employees, how to play to their strengths, and how they will behave in certain situations.

Interview Tool

Create and objectively score interviews using the MAP™ platform. Conduct, take notes and score all your interviews in one place.

Job Profile

What do your top performers have in common? Predict the success of future candidates by using MAP™ results to discover these traits.

Manager Comparison Tool

Compare personality traits between any two people in your company and see how they interact, communicate or handle stress.

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"This actually dove into what people were really good at and it helped me figure out which 'seat on the bus' they fit in. It has made the company a lot more profitable and we are growing and working [more productively]."

- Pamela S., Director of Operations

"Before using Talent Insights, our hiring and management decisions were more of a trial and error situation... But the MAP helps us to connect with our team members and quickly understand how they tick."

- Sandra M., VP of HR

"The assessment has proven to be a reliable component for our internal hiring process, in addition to being utilized as a tool for current managers to manage their people more strategically. The product is well-designed, easy to understand, and very reasonably priced."

- Eli H., Talent Management Coordinator

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